Sober Living Reviews

The Bridge House has produced many success stories, and we look forward to producing more…

The Bridge House gave me a safe place to live when I had nowhere else to go. It gave me structure and hope that I could build a better life for myself and my children.
Larry F.
I am forever indebted to The Bridge House for helping me learn how to live a successful, sober life. I strongly recommend The Bridge House to anyone with an alcohol or drug addiction who sincerely wants to get their life in order.
Tate B.
The Bridge house has always been here for me when i needed ao sober living house to help begin my journey of recovery. I have been a resident here twice and both times it gave me an oppertunity to build a firm foundation in my recovery, I was blessed this last time of residencey that in Jan 1/15 i was ask to be the house manager so i have been a resident and a man in a position that helps me stay sober and at same time i hope i can help men on there journey. I am forever greatful to the bridge house
Gary M.

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